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Let India completely enchant you, this sprawling mecca of diversity offers a lifetime of adventure. Get swept up in the hustle and bustle or explore miles and miles of pristine sands and unspoilt coastline, luscious mountains, tea plantations and forests. Our holidays try to encapsulate all of the above to ensure your time spent in this majestic country is a memorable one.

North India is the most densely populated, spanning from the famous foothills of the Himalayas to the tropical latitudes of central India. Renowned for housing the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, where its gracious presence, will simply take your breath away. It is also home to the capital, New Delhi, and other well visited areas such as Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Kanpur. Our Golden Triangle Tour encompasses the above into one trip so you can see the best of Northern India without having to plan a thing.

In the south, be graced with green luscious lands, a rich abundance of tea and spice plantations and the enchanting backwaters of Kerala, all waiting to be explored. The hedonistic coastal resort of Goa also lies here, where its magnificent beauty and spiritual qualities await your arrival.   


Overall India enjoys a hot, humid climate year round, however changes dramatically depending on the region. March to June is the hottest time of the year, whilst towards the end of November through to February the weather is somewhat cooler, still warm overall but fresher and less humid in the morning and evening.

India is split into several climatic regions owing to its varying landscapes and geographical locations. The east and west coast enjoy a hot, tropical climate, where temperatures remain above 18°C throughout the year with dry winters.

A hot, tropical climate can be experienced in the South, similar to that of the rainforest, with monsoon rains and consistent humid temperatures.

The mountainous north has three distinct seasons winter, summer, and the monsoon. April through to June is classed as the summer season, whilst the monsoon season hits July through to September. Often, the best time to visit is in winter, however if you’re looking to explore the Himalayas, summer is when you’ll find the best of the weather.

Central and northwest India experience a dry climate, with very hot summers and monsoon season starting in June through to September.


India is a mecca just waiting to be explored, one foot on this sacred soil, with its exotic cuisines, bustling culture and a land steeped in heritage you’re sure to keep on returning for more – here’s some of GoSingles top picks to get you on your way.


As one of the world’s most popular sightseeing destinations, without any hesitation once you see the Taj Mahal it will be forever captured in your memory as one of the finest pieces of architecture ever created. Stand in awe, capture photographs and meander around stunning gardens all built over a period of 20 years, in dedication to Mughal Emporer Shah Jahan’s third wife.


Kerala is fondly known as the jewel of India and a firm favourite amongst our solo travellers, owing to its sheer natural beauty and a haven to escape the norms of day-to-day life. Its architectural designs and ancient structures hold a deep mythology whilst the setting, surrounded by palm trees, luscious greenery, quiet waters and captivating wildlife besiege you in tranquillity.


Take a step back from your busy life and immerse yourself in the calm and serene that is Goa. Find yourself with other likeminded single travellers as you watch the vibrant crimson sunsets, or be at one as the sun rises, with a yoga session, preparing for a day absorbing Goan culture, ancient architecture or tantalising traditional cuisine.


Set on a pedestal overlooking the gardens and lake below, Amer Fort comprises of four sections, intricate, detailed courtyards, private quarters and exquisite entrance gates. The best times to visit are early morning or in the evening, in the mornings the fort glows in its soft light, sandwiched between lush greenery, the mountain background and the blue sky, while in the evening, the structures warm hue is a picture that will stay with you for an eternity.



India is a very hospitable nation, known for their warmth. The people are friendly and are often found to go out of their way to engage in conversation with you, helping you with directions or recommendations

Whilst visiting, it is essential that you respect and adhere to Indian conventions, it’s tradition to dress very conservatively, and therefore covering up your skin is very important. Swimwear and shorts are only acceptable at the beach or at your hotel resort, shirts and long sleeved tops should be worn to cover your shoulders to prevent showing as little skin as possible.

Keep public displays of affection to a minimum, holding hands, putting your arm around someone, or giving someone a quick kiss is fine however anything more than that crosses a line, so best to keep for behind closed doors only.

Get to know your left hand from your right, as hand usage in India is very important. Never use your left hand to eat or pass anything to anyone, Indians use the left hand when going to the toilet or for carrying out unsanitary tasks, instead the right hand is the only hand used to eat with or engage a person with.


Firstly, note that men do not touch women when meeting or greeting. To greet the same sex a simple handshake will do, however if you want to show your respect for traditional conventions, place both hands together whilst taking a slight bow - this is called ‘namaste’.

Tipping: In India it is expected that you tip 10% of the bill in restaurants and cafes, however in bigger more established restaurants the service charge might be included so it’s worth checking before you tip. Taxi or rickshaw drivers will often expect you to round up the fare to the nearest full amount.


Hindu is the most common spoken language in India. Here are a few handy phrases to help you on your travels, note that English is widely spoken in some of the more touristy regions.

  • Hello is ‘Namaste’
  • Goodbye is ‘Alavida’
  • Please is ‘Kripya’
  • Thank you is ‘Dhanevaad’

Other useful phrases include:

  • Nice to meet you, is ‘Aap se milkar khusi hui’
  • Can you help me, is ‘Kya aap meri madaad karenge’

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