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Best time to go to Oudeniz?

The best time to visit Ölüdeniz is during the months of April to October.

Temperatures in the early 20s are common as early as April and by July, August they rise above 30°C plus with a whopping 12 hours of sun a day.

Is Turkey safe to visit as a solo traveller?

Turkey is a very friendly country and its people are particularly hospitable and helpful to Tourists.

Crime rate is low but recommend to follow general travel safety advise.

Do I need any vaccinations before going to Turkey?

There are no mandatory requirement of vaccinations to travel to Turkey.

What if I fall sick in Turkey?

Turkey has a very good hospital system and if you were unfortunate to become ill doctors and hospitals

are readily available. It is recommended to arrange adequate travel insurance before travelling.

How Should I dress?

In summer months short sleeved shirts and shorts are acceptable but it is best not to wear brief shorts and tops out of respect to the local culture.  

Can I use my credit cards for shopping?

Yes, you can use UK credit/debit cards for all kinds of purchases.

Can I drive in Turkey with my UK License?

Yes, you can drive in Turkey with your UK driver's license and Turkey drives on the right side of the road.

What kind of sockets are used in Turkey?

European two-pin sockets are used in Turkey, therefore, you need to pack an adapter for your holiday. 

Do I have to speak Turkish to interact with local people?

English is widely spoken in the resort of Oludeniz, therefore you should not have any problem interacting with locals during your holiday. 

Is roaming charges applies for using my mobile phone in Turkey?

Yes, it is advisable to check with your mobile provider before travelling to Turkey.

Can I withdraw money from ATMs?

You can withdraw money in local currency (Turkish Lira) & GBP with debit cards from the ATMs in Turkey.

All major banks ATMs can be found in our resort of Oludeniz with english language instructions.

Is the tap water drinkable?

Although the tap water is chlorinated, bottled water is highly recommended.

What is the tipping guideline?

Tipping is a very personal matter, however, it is customary between 5% and 10%, depending on service.


The pearl of the Mediterranean, tantalising Turkey is a destination like no other, providing a fusion of ancient culture, diverse landscapes that will leave a lasting impression, culinary delights, topped with year round sunshine, makes for the perfect singles destination.

Looking for a holiday where you can relax, GoSingles offers perfect beach escapes where you can unwind on some of Europe’s best beaches, or why not unravel those muscles with a Turkish massage or by visiting a traditional Turkish bath.

For exploration grab your boots and hike some of Europe’s most epic trails, as you pass through Aegean olive groves, beautiful vistas provided by the Mediterranean coastline, or the steep climbs of Zion National Park to simply stunning vistas along the Hong Kong Trail.

For something a little different, yet still relaxing, how about a gulet cruise, an ancient boat, traditionally used by early Turkish civilisations for transporting produce and fishing, now tastefully modernised to provide you with a comfortable stay, whilst you absorb the turquoise Turkish coastline.


If you are looking for a destination you can visit all year round Turkey should be high on your list! Blue sky’s and hours of sunshine make this destination a sun seekers paradise, with hot and dry summers.

Although typically seen as a summer destination, the most enjoyable times to visit turkey are in its shoulder seasons - spring and autumn - when the country enjoys a relatively cooler temperature, whilst staying relatively dry – what’s more the long days make it great for lapping up those extra hours at the beach or exploring Turkey’s many historical sites. It is worth noting that rainfall is more likely at this time of year, especially along the coast – but don’t let that put you off booking a holiday – as Turkey receives most of its rainfall in the winter season.

The country’s weather is very much dictated by its proximity to mountain ranges and different seas and oceans, therefore each region has a vastly different climate.


Turkey, a country steeped in history, has many wonderful sites, natural wonders and ancient monuments just waiting for you to explore. There’s so much to offer, below we share just a handful of GoSingles favourite things to see and do.


The pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale are one of Turkey's most famous natural wonders. The mineral-rich thermal waters cascade down a slope of white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside. It truly is a sight to behold, like stepping on to Antarctica in the middle of Turkey! If you’re into photography, it’s not one to miss.

Saklikent gorge

Standing at 300 metres high, this 18km long canyon is one of the deepest in the world, no wonder its name Saklikent gorge translates to ‘hidden city’. The river flowing through is crystal clear and a striking milky blue, thanks to its origins as ice melt from the mountains  - meaning that even in summer it’s icy cold. There are many hikes for you to enjoy, where you can appreciate the many vistas the gorge has to offer.

Aya Sofya

To many Aya Sofya is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, built by the Roman emperor Constantine from 325 to 330 C.E. it is regarded as Istanbul’s most iconic structure. The giant 32 metre central dome stands guard overlooking the city of Istanbul, offering magnificent views both inside and out.

Cruise the River Dalyan

Take a seat and cruise the tranquil River Dalyan, whilst being truly captivated by its wildlife and lush scenery, natural beauty and historical sites.



Hospitality is a cornerstone of Turkish culture, Turkish people are known for their generosity and warmth, believing that visitors should be treated as Gods guests - it is very unlikely that you’ll leave Turkey without being invited to enjoy a drink of tea.

Food plays a huge part in Turkish culture, with the cuisine being a blend of numerous influences from all over the country. The most important meal of the day is in the evening, portions are large and variety is plenty, where family and friends gather most nights to socialise.


It is usual for Turkish people, even men to greet each other by kissing on both cheeks. Old people are highly respected, Turkish people take care of their elders and support them in sickness and in health, as well as financially.

As devout Muslims, it’s important that you follow and respect the dress code. Don’t wear skimpy clothing and be sure to cover up respectfully when you’re away from the beach or your resort.

Whilst frequenting restaurants, cafes and bars, it is expected that you tip between 5-10% of the final bill as standard. However if the service was particularly good a respectable tipping etiquette is 15% on top.


If you’re looking to strike up a conversation whilst away here’s a few handy phrases that will have you mixing with the locals.

  • Hello is ‘Merhaba’ - pronounced Mare-Ha-Ba
  • Thank you is ‘TeÅŸekkür ederim’ - pronounced Te-Sh-Qu-Err Ed-Err-Im
  • Please is ‘Lütfen’ - pronounced Lut-Fen

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