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If you’re dreaming of a tropical paradise, with palm trees, drinks on the beach and scuba diving in sapphire blue, crystal clear sees, it’s likely that the place you’re thinking about is the Caribbean, analluring group of more than 700 islands. The larger islands are sunshine living exemplified: The Bahamas; Montserrat; Dominica; Barbados; Trinidad and Tobago; Jamaica; Martinique; Antigua … the list goes on.And there can be no better way of taking in the best the islands have to offer than touring the islands in a lavish air-conditioned cruise liner, with regular stop-offs at these wonderful places.

The Caribbean also includes the two large islands of Cuba and Hispaniola, which is divided into the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Cuba is a fascinating country that was hidden from the Western world for decades of the 20th century, but this allowed it to develop its own unique personality and now it attracts countless tourists to its shores to live among its wonderful people. There are beaches that are impossible to resist, historic sites, and bustling, thriving towns and cities that will take your breath away. And don’t be fooled into thinking Cuban hospitality is stuck in a timewarp – you’ll find your hotel as contemporary as anywhere else in the world!

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