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Considered some of the most beautiful islands in the world, the Maldives is a destination that is hard to beat. With nothing but immaculate sandy beaches and glistening waters, it is ideal for anyone aiming for a slice of that heavenly island dream. Located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to the south-west of Sri Lanka and India, this dream destination for millions is the ideal place for a calm and peaceful holiday. Made up of around 1,200 coral islands of which 26 are grouped into atolls and are now developed and habituated - whether you're after the picture-perfect romantic setting, water sports or fine dining,
the Maldives has you covered! 

The Maldives is an enormous playground for divers to explore, it truly is an idyllic scuba diving paradise. Between the islands, there are channels connecting the Indian Ocean to the Lagoons. The crystal clear waters and abundance of marine life throughout the country sets the Maldives apart from other dive destinations around the world. Out of the water lies a thriving culture, enjoy decadent food, local delicacies of fresh fish mixed with Asian flavours, or relax with a tropical cocktail and good book, superior in the knowledge you are lay on one of the most luxurious beach destinations on planet earth.

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