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The cruise has been a beloved means of getting away from it all since the 1820s, although not so long ago many people were saying it would never regain the heights of its golden age in the 1920s. But they were wrong. Now the industry is thriving again, with megaliners taking millions of passengers to every corner of the world, and cruising on a more modest scale proving to be a popular way to relax and watch the world go by.

We know how much singles love cruises, which is why we’ve got a boatload of them to enjoy. If you want to sail the oceans, our liners sail from London, Tenerife and Miami and stop off at some of the best loved Caribbean resorts. We also have cruises of the Greek Islands and Cuba, with regular stop-offs to take on supplies. More modest vessels make for great cruises, too – try a traditional gulet cruise off Turkey or a magical journey down the Nile in Egypt.

If you’d love to go on a cruise but are holding back because you’re single, this could be the spark that ignites a new life of cruising – a fabulous cruise of the UK with the nation’s favourite singles holiday provider, GoSingles. Bon voyage!



If you thought cruises were just strictly for the reserve of the older generation then think again, as you’re sadly mistaken. Nowadays cruises cater to a whole host of needs for all generations with entertainment, food and accommodation to match, whilst also giving you the opportunity to travel with like minded people who share similar interests.

Whether you’re looking for a solo adventure into the great unknown, whilst submerging yourself in great expanses of history or bustling cultures and architecture, or you're simply looking to while away a few weeks lying by the pool, soaking up the oceanic rays, whilst being served refreshing cocktails, cruising is not to be missed. Perhaps you’re looking to meet new acquaintance and develop your social network at socially engaging destinations, or you’re simply looking to find love – anything can happen on a cruise, as you’ll be travelling with like minded, solo travellers!


Based on data carried out by GoSingles Holidays earlier this year, it seems the ratio of male and female cruise goers is evenly split, with over half (54%) of passengers on cruises being women, whilst 46% are men.


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Yes, cruising still attracts an older demographic, however it’s not the only demographic, cruising has been steadily growing in popularity across all demographics. The 60-70 year age group have the highest proportion of cruisers, with over a third (37%) preferring to take to the waves over other holiday choices, secondly sees the 50-60 age group with over a quarter (27%) frequently enjoying solo cruising holidays, this is followed by 40-50 year olds (18%) and 30-40 year olds (3%) with 2.5% of the market aged below 30.

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Perhaps owing to their geographical location, being closest to the main ports, those who live in the south of England are the most likely to venture on a cruising holiday, with nearly half (48%) of customers residing in the south. This was closely followed by those who live in the north of England with over a third (35%) of those surveyed saying they live in the north. With over a tenth (12%) of cruisers residing in Ireland and 5% from Scotland.

Unlike most cruise lines, GoSingles Holidays offers solo specific accommodation with prices to reflect this, therefore you don’t have to pay a premium for going by yourself.


GoSingles Holidays have been running singles cruises for years and we have seen first hand that they are a fantastic way of meeting fellow singles.

If your looking to meet like minded singles, either for friendship, companionship or maybe something more, sailing off on a cruise is one of the best suited holiday types for making acquaintanceship that last a lifetime. Many of our single cruisers come back to set sail with us again and again, to meet new people, and we often hear happy stories of friendships and relationships that continue once bacak on dry land in the UK.

Whether your going on a short week long trip around the UK, or a month long voyage to the Caribbean, a cruising environment has proven to be a great way to meet fellow singles. You can be sure to spend hours with your fellow passengers during the days, in-between timely cultural breaks, and when evening arrives, you will be rubbing shoulders with them while taking in the on-board entertainment.   

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